(Dummy Words) Dear sons and daughters of the most-high God let us understand the fundamental truth about our Son-ship (by default, also means daughters) in connection to its origin and possibilities.

To start with, Son-ship is only possible by birth, not by election. Son-ship in any Kingdom cannot be nominated, affiliated or even be earned by ranks of any kind. ‘One can only beget only one’s kind.’ A Lion cannot beget a dog, nor a dog ever qualify to become a lion. A parrot cannot beget an eagle, and a whale cannot beget a star fish…  Son-ship is possible only when the original parents give birth to their kind. It is by truth, a predestined decision of creation.

Now, to understand God’s Sons-ship, it is important for us to first see this in God’s point of view. Yes, God is a ‘Kingdom-God’. He is not democratic  as most of us, by default, misinterpret a Kingdom-God with a Democratic ideology. No, God is not democratic! We are democratic and hence we always carry a democratic mindset when we look up to God or His Word and hence confuse ourselves by mixing both Democratic and  Kingdom laws.

To simplify, God is the Author / Father of the King of kings. God’s is a Kingdom; He is the author and the King. The Lord Jesus Christ is God’s Son who was ‘sent by God’ and not ‘chosen by God’. Amen. See, Sons can’t be made, selected or chosen. They are begotten, given birth.

In the Origin, God created every species and placed seed of its own kind in itself. A seed is a supernatural power in the natural, with the ability to manifest according to God’s divine command of multiplication. So, at the end, God created man in His own image and in His own likeness. But, soon after He formed man like Himself, He breathed His breath of Life into the man and made him a living-being. This is evidently ‘predestination’. We’re God’s children by predestination and not by election.

Story of the prodigal Son from Luke …

The Prodigal Son

Dirty, filthy, failure, addict, weak, fearful, arrogant, stubborn, unkind (Elijah), careless (Jonah), cheater (Jacob), humiliated, murderer (David, Moses), backslidden (Samson), fearful, Adulterer (Rehab)

…all these things cannot cancel the Son-ship (or Daughter-ship) based on ‘his’ works! The Prodigal remains a Son because his father begot him, simple! Anything more than this is a blunder!!
The prodigal son chooses to be away from the Father and then he repents and comes back to his Father. This is his freewill. But the Father’s home is always open to the son. it is the son’s choice where he determines to be. The Father is a good Father; he is always waiting for his prodigal to return home.