‘This service focuses on helping the modern day women in moral, social and spiritual growth. Adding virtue to her faith.’

The WEC is headed by Ps. Naomi Naveen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the influence of her husband, Prophet Naveen Karunanidhi. She leads the women of COTL in church services organised once every month, during which she speaks, inspires, counsels, encourages and uplifts women.

Women play such an important role in the society, however the society tends to overlook them. But Jesus watches over them all and is keen to use them for His glory, if only they can surrender to Him.

As we all know a women’s mind works differently from a man’s. Well, knowing and accepting this fact can help us in ways untold. Thus, dealing with women’s challenges from their perspective can be a task by itself, unless one can have the wisdom and patience that it calls for.

We at COTL, consider women to be the backbone of any society/family. Like the Bible says, ‘a woman can make or break her family’. Hence, we value our women and ensure that they too understand Jesus and His love for them. Our aim for every woman is to be called ‘Blessed’ and to be a blessing!

The service is open for all young and old women who are interested to minster for Jesus and want to