Pastor Naveen Karunanidhi

Naveen Karunanidhi was called by the Lord Jesus to serve Him and build His kingdom at the age 14. After His glorious encounter with Jesus, he began to evangelise to his fellow students in school and continued to preach and host services in college while pursuing his graduation in the famous St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore.

After his graduation, the Lord took Naveen into a full-time ministry called, Naveen Karunanidhi Ministries, preaching at numerous crusades, conferences and revival meetings across India and other parts of Asia. By the grace of God, Naveen is called into the office of a Prophet and operates in the supernatural. Through his ministry many young preachers have been raised, thousands have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and multitudes of people have experienced healing, signs and wonders. Today, he hosts a spirit-filled church called ‘City of the Lord’ in the heart of Bangalore city, apart from his evangelical ministry.

Naveen is married to Naomi and they both reside in the city of Bangalore. Naomi also serves as a full-time minister alongside Naveen. In addition to his God given ministry, Naveen also is a young entrepreneur.